Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Twelve Clues Time

I know I've neglected this blog recently. Sorry. Too many online commitments--I post daily on my page ( I tweet daily (@rhysbowen and I am one of the Jungle Red Writers, contributing to the popular group blog and hosting my week in turn.

I'm the host this week and we're having some great discussions (and moans) about travel, food and iPhone apps. Come over and join in at

Apart from that it's a good and busy time for me. This week marks the release of the paperback of The Twelve Clues of Christmas. It's being sold at a bargain price on Amazon so will make a great stocking stuffer, with the compendium of Christmas games/recipes/traditions in the back..

And yesterday I received my advance reading copies of City of Darkness and Light and they look beautiful. I'll let you know where I'm going on my book tour as soon as I find out.

I hurried up to finish my Molly Murphy e-story called THROUGH THE WINDOW after I saw it listed as #18 on the historical mystery bestseller list. That was rather shocking to realize it was only a great cover with no content! It will be available on January 6th, and a month later there will be a compendium of the first three Royal Spyness books, provocatively titled A ROYAL THREESOME.

Now I'm about to start writing the next Molly book, plus jotting down ideas for the Molly Christmas book AND I've got plans for a really fun Georgie book featuring a royal wedding (not Georgie's yet)

So stay in touch and if you enjoy my books, tell your friends about them.


  1. Love your books. Molly is wonderful. I love her neighbors! Keep writing! Lucy

  2. Isn't it funny that your book could be so high on the charts- just from the cover. :) Glad you were able to finish up the words to go with the fantastic cover! Wishing you the best of luck!

  3. I am enjoying Her Royal Spyness but very alarmed that you moved Claridges to the Strand

  4. This is lovely. keep it up.This is so lovely.