Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ah, Spring!

I realize I've been remiss about blogging recently, but I do have good excuses...finishing the first draft of the new Molly book, tentatively called City of Darkness and Light. Oh, and a little thing called TAX. I worked on it all week and have finally faced up to the fact that I owe money, however hard I try.

So with both things now out of the way I can finally acknowledge that it's Spring and I should be leaping around, enjoying myself. My front garden looks as good as it ever will, being a steeply sloping hillside, and the jasime and pride of Madeira are blooming like crazy at the back, and the birds are all chirping happily.

And deep within me a little voice is whispering "Spring cleaning". Those who know me can attest that I do not do housework from choice, but I do like the end result when all is clean and gleaming. So I may just attack some windows.... I only say may....

I should also attack the garden, but it's such an overwhelming task that I get too discouraged. It's not as if I have neat little flower beds. I am on a hill, steep up and steep down and no soil to speak of and hundreds of deer and rabbits waiting to munch on any plant I put in. So I content myself with the view from my balcony. if you want to know what that looks like, go to my Facebook page and look at the header (

Do you have any spring rituals? Cleaning, planting, new hats, throwing out old clothes?

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  1. Rhys, I had to look up pride of Madeira--what a spectacular plant! Too bad it doesn't keep blooming all summer. What you need is a second, deer-resistant plant to fill in when that stops blooming, maybe something like lavender and/or rosemary. But I don't blame you for not wanting to garden on the steep, especially in light of the deer population explosion. They are a menace almost everywhere in the US now.

    I like to spruce stuff up in the spring. Sunny days energize me, very much like recharging a battery, and I suddenly throw off my winter ennui and start moving.