Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Schedule for Rhys

It's almost fall and I can't believe how the time has flown. I can see from this that I last posted over two. weeks ago. Shame on me! But I do have a good excuse, or rather good excuses:
They are: Had to finish my next Royal Spyness novel, called Queen of Hearts.
Had to do the copy edits on my next Molly Murphy novel called City of Darkness and Light. (Great cover, by the way. it's already up on Amazon for pre-order, coming out next March.
Had to look after ailing husband--he had cataract surgery and needs drops in his eyes every two hours (and makes a fuss every time)
Had to prepare for the Bouchercon world mystery conference in Albany this week. I am hosting the Jungle Red Writers panel which will be a game show called Famous First Lines. We'll try to stump the audience by writing fictitious first lines to famous books. Should be a lot of fun.
I'm also on a non-panel with two of my favorite people: Louise Penny and Deborah Crombie. We are repeating our very successful chat, non-scripted, non-moderated, just the three of us talking. It's always such fun and we never know what will come out next.

Then after the conference husband John flies in and we take off for Canada and Nova Scotia. I'm already drooling about fresh seafood and fall colors. What a terrific break.
On the way back to New York I stop off in Boston and have three events scheduled with my fellow Jungle Reds. I'm appearing at Robbins Library, Arlington MA on Sept 30th, Melrose Library in Melrose MA on October 1 and The New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton MA on Oct 2.
Do come and say hello if you live in the area!

And maybe when I get home I'll have a few moments to breath before I start on the next book!


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the update! I can't wait for Queen of Hearts. You may not remember, but I am the reader who asked if you could sprinkle a couple people of Color throughout the storylines of Her Royal Spyness mysteries. You mentioned that in Georgie's next adventure, she would be traveling to America. Does that occur in Queen of Hearts?

    I'm in Philadelphia, PA so I can't pop in to your events in New England, but I hope you have a blast :-)

    Thanks for the wonderful stories, and I hope your Hubby's eyes heal quickly (my husband goes to bed for days with a case of the sniffles. Men!).


  2. Hi

    Love your books particularly the Royal Spryness series. Unfortunately they are not available in New Zealand so I have to wait for the Kindle issue, but I am really looking forward to reading Heirs and Graces and it's great to know there will be yet another one after. Don't work too hard.


  3. I hooe you enjoyed you time in Nova Scotia. As a true Bluenoser and a HUGE fan of your books, I am really looking forward to the "Queen of Hearts" release. Do you have famiky or friends in Nova Scotia?


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