Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mordor is Real

Okay, I believe. Mordor exists. Sauron is real. Not just because there is so much evil in the world. I have more positive proof than that.
It would take an inspired evil genius to invent the internet and thus make us slaves to our computers for hours each day instead of getting out into the fresh air and interacting with each other.
And it would take an even more inspired evil genius to invent Twitter and enslave us by getting constant tweet updates on our cell phones.
How do I know Sauron is behind this? The language is a dead give-away. Take the latest twist on Twittering that I've been introduced to: HASHTAG.
a HASHTAG is a mark one makes before a word so that the tweet is relayed to everyone interested in that particular word. Example #books. #Rhys Bowen.  #bestseller.
Isn't HASHTAG one of the words that was written inside the One Ring? Has the evil one sneaked other Mordor words into our vocabulary? Is the entire poem from inside the one ring out there somewhere on the internet? Will the next new aps be burzum ishi-krimpatul? Is that volcano that keeps spewing out ash in Iceland really Mount Doom?
Don't say I didn't warn you.

And on a cheerier note: I have a lovely new website, designed by Sue Trowbridge. Please go over to and take a look!


  1. So funny, Rhys: Sauron is real, Mordor is real, the internet is their evil work . . . and, oh, by the way, take your teacup over to my new website! LOL. Thanks, will do.

  2. Hashtags are also useful for commenting on yourself, if you're #worryingaboutstrangers, #desperateforcaffeine, #atthetribe, #hatetravelhatetravel or whatever.