Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic

Happy Easter to my Christian friends and a blessed Passover to my Jewish friends. I sang for two hours at the vigil service last night. It is always so beautiful with the church in darkness and everyone holding candles.

And any minute now the family will invade for Easter brunch. But it gives me a few minutes to be nostalgic. I remember the days when I got up really early to hide 4 Easter baskets and lay a trail of clues to each one. The kids would then dash madly around the house until they found their baskets. And I remember one year being up and finished with the baskets and it was a gorgeous morning, so I walked up the hill behind my house and stood amid a carpet of poppies and lupins, listening to the birds. Now that was a truly spiritual moment. I'm looking up at the hill now but it seems rather steep these days.

And my nostalgia goes back to my own childhood. I used to love sugar eggs with an Easter scene inside them. Do you remember those? You peered in one end and the sugar was spun so fine that it let in the light and there was a whole little 3 D scene inside. I liked those so much better than chocolate!
And hot cross buns. I'm sorry but nobody in America seems to know how to make good hot cross buns! I've tried supermarkets and really expensive bakeries and none of them taste like home.
Any good recipes please?

So wishing you all a lovely day with no commercialism, no stresses and a chance to enjoy nature and family.

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