Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Week for Bowen

I'm sorry if I've been silent on the blogging front for a week. I had a double deadline to complete by October 1 and I'm delighted to say that I sent off both items this weekend. One was the new Lady Georgie novel, called HEIRS AND GRACES. The other was a Molly Murphy e-story to come out next February ahead of the new Molly book. And that story is called THE FACE IN THE MIRROR. It was rather scary to see it already listed on Amazon when I hadn't even written it. But now it's done and I'm pleased with it.

So I'm already to enjoy my big week ahead. First tomorrow, October 2nd sees the launch of a new Lady Georgie e-story on Amazon, and everywhere e-books are sold. It's a prequel to her career as Her Royal Spyness and it takes place at a Halloween masked ball at a stately home with all the elements we love about the Georgie books--a repulsive prince, a masked stranger, danger, political intrigue and a very naive young woman. Please be warned that it is not a whole novel. It's a fun story.

Then on Wednesday I set off for Ann Arbor, MI to be part of the 20th anniversary celebration of one of my favorite bookstores AUNT AGATHA'S. I've been welcomed at that store for all 15 years of my writing career and I'm so thrilled they are still flourishing when so many others have gone under. I'll be interviewing the owner on my other blog ( on Wednesday. And by the way, I'll be hosting Jungle Reds all this week so do come on over and see what fun things we're discussing--like whether we can kill in real life, and whether we believe in love at first sight.

On Thursday I go on to Cleveland where the world mystery convention, called Bouchercon, is being held. Again I'll be joining my Jungle Red sisters for a fun mystery version of Family Feud, then moderating a panel called ACROSS THE POND with such stellar Brits as Val MacDermid and Stuart Neville.

I'll try to take pix and keep you updated on the inside scoop of mysterydom. All the dirty details! So stay tuned.


  1. How about a link to the Lady Georgie short? Can't read the title in the picture. Thanks!

  2. The title is
    "Masked Ball at Broxley Manor"

    I just bought it on And now I'm going to snuggle onto my couch, cats on the lap, and enjoy it :-)

  3. Oh I am so pleased and so excited for the new book at Christmas time, and hope that you will be at an appearance in Scottsdale again very soon. I so look forward to that.

    Safe travels, sounds like you have a full few weeks, and months, ahead!
    Meg in Flagstaff AZ

  4. I thought "Masked Ball at Broxley Manor" was terrific fun. Love a dose of Lady Georgie, always a great escape. Was already glad a new novel was coming soon but now even moreso to hear another is complete! Have already pre-ordered the Molly story; I love little treats between books. Thank you for all the great reading you give us.

  5. I'm a Clevelander and new follower of the Royal Spyness series. So sad to miss your panel talk today, but am almost done with the fabulous audio version of Royal Flush. Please Please Please let Georgie and Darcy get together!! I can't decide what actor would resemble Darcy -- he should be a dark haired, blue eyed Irish accented hunk!

    Thanks for the wonderful entertainment! And, keep up the wonderfully warped sarcasm humor -- loved the bit about the Haggis Hunt!

  6. hmmm _ I just read this short. I'd actually recommend that readers give it a miss so that they can keep enjoying the complete novels. I generally find the Georgie and Darcy characters completely engaging, and the premise behind this backstory is tantalizing. The actual execution was a bit too obvious for my taste, however; quite honestly, it reminded me of fanfic. No need to spell out the identity of the mysterious masked stranger, for example. Also, even the most callow 15 year old boy knows not to ask the girl if she's ever been kissed; having our dashing, elegant hero do so left a bad taste in my mouth. Reminded me that I was reading a story, possibly one that had been unedited. I hope you leave this up so that other readers won't have their disbelief reinstated as I did.