Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting for Downton

I am looking to the new year with great anticipation, not because I am planning great resolutions but because the new season of DOWNTON ABBEY begins in one week! I can hardly wait, can you?
I had hoped to take a sneak peek before everyone else. I am already subcriber to my local PBS station but they offered DVDs of Season 3 as an incentive so I coughed up more money. Then they sent out a memo saying that the DVDs wouldn't be shipped before January 17th. That's no use, people. The series will be half over by then and I'm certainly not going to cheat and watch the last episode.

Of course I realize I could have seen the whole thing if I'd lived in Britain. I could have asked friends to tell me what happened. But I didn't. The anticipation is all the sweeter. And in one more week.....

So what do you think will happen? Will Mary and Matthew marry? Will Mr. Bates be proved innocent? Will they discover who killed Mrs. Bates? Who do you think did it? My guess is that Sir Richard had it done. I never liked him.

And will poor old Edith finally find herself a good bloke? We know that American granny arrives and sparks fly between her and the dowager countess. So that should be fun. But when is Thomas ever going to get what he deserves, or have something happen to him to turn him into a better person?

If you've already seen it in UK, please don't tell us anything.
 But next Monday morning, January 7th, let's get together and dish on Downton again. Okay?


  1. Rhys, a very ,happy New Year.
    About Downton Abbey. THere was a press release that I happened to pick up while surfing. From the Daily Mirror U.K. I was so upset at what it revealed about the new episodes. I won't tell you about the content, but it is a real SPOILER!! Iam not alone in my indignation, as others who picked it up have loudly expressed their disappointment in this projection....sad!

  2. Your website says the next book is available for 9 cents. When I went to look for it on amazon it lists it as 99 cents. Is there a typo or are you listing it for 9 cents only on Feb 5th.


    1. The Face in the Mirror is a long story, Jennifer, not a whole book. And it's 99 cents, unless Amazon is doing something crazy for one day.

  3. I have heard a little, just a little, about the new Downton season...I will only say that it isn't
    going to be pretty...