Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Countdown to New Books

I'm getting excited:
One week from today, February 5, will see the publication of my new Molly Murphy E-story called The Face In The Mirror.
It's a tense story about a woman who thinks her house may be haunted or she may be going mad.

Also Lent is approaching and if you plan to give up candy bars, let me suggest a sinless alternative. This e-story is only 99 cents and it lasts a lot longer than a Hershey's.

And it's now just over a month to the publication of THE FAMILY WAY, the next Molly book.
Molly is pregnant and bored with enforced idleness until a strange letter from Ireland and a kidnapped baby lead her on a dangerous path that puts her own life and that of her baby in jeopardy.
Already great early reviews including ****1/2 stars from RT Magazine.

And in case you are new to the series and want to start at the beginning, Macmillan is reissuing Agatha winner Murphy's Law as a trade paperback--pretty cover and so much easier to read. The whole series will now come out in trade paperback including the latest Hush Now, Don't You Cry later this month. AND the whole series will be coming out in audio form on Audible.

A busy spring for Molly Murphy! You can pre-order now!


  1. Anxiously awaiting! I've read all the Molly books from the library. Now I can get them all in trade paperback form - yay! Off to pre-order them!

  2. I actually just finished reading the reissue of Murphy's Law and am reviewing it for Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review. It was nice to have an excuse to read the first book again, I've read all of them except Hush Now, Don't You Cry and The Family Way. Looking forward to reading both of those.

  3. I read all of the Molly books that eventually led me to Her Royal Spyness series. Now I am waiting for the audio so I can start again, I need to fill in my time until Heirs and Graces comes out.

  4. Can't wait for the new book. When you say "so much easier to read" did any of the content change? I do love the new cover.

  5. No content change, just the type size, easier on older eyes.

  6. Where can one purchase all the trade paperback re issues? Barnes and Noble only had a couple and all the rest were mass market paperback form. These older eyes like the larger type size.