Monday, February 25, 2013

Wot no Downton?

I feel lost without Downton to gripe about on Monday mornings. Of course there was the Oscars last night, (or should that be there WERE the Oscars??) Liked Seth. He was genuinely funny and quick and could sing really well. Loved the sock puppets. Daniel Day-Lewis obviously expected to win as he had a great speech prepared. Jennifer Lawrence obviously didn't expect to win as she had nothing prepared. Hated Michelle Obama's bangs--made her look like a wannabe teenager.

And the gowns. Almost all of them were really classy. Hallie Berry has about a six inch waist. Ann Hathaway is too thin now but still looked gorgeous. But apart from her win, I can't say I was thrilled with any of the winners. Especially not Argo for best picture over Les Mis. No comparison in my book. And I would have liked that adorable little girl to win for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

But overall what a good year for movies and amazingly a year in which I'd seen most of them!
But what was Meryl doing last year? No picture? Come on, lady. You're only 70. Get moving.

So do share your Oscar thoughts.


  1. How often it seems that the academy seems to get all nostalgia on us. I think they thought the director of Les Mis won last year, Speilberg has several, -- I think they wanted to reward Ben Afleck for . . . What?

    I think the whole event was dripping in nostalgia - "Remember when movies were for adults?" ^_^ Remember when you could afford to and wanted to go every week to the movies?

    I live in a small town with only one 12 plea [a big improvement] but we will never get Beast of the Southern Wild, Amour, . . .

    I think both Les Mis and Lincoln were on an astral plane above any movies this decade. But . . . we forget it's all marketing. It's ALL marketing.

  2. Actually, Meryl is not 70, but 63. I went to high school with her and can verify that she is my age.
    You weren't bothered by the female bashing jokes and songs?