Friday, November 12, 2010

In the Dog House?

I've just come back from speaking at a fundraising event for a women's garden in Dallas, and I've spent this morning cleaning the kitchen after two days of husband being on his own. I've swept the crevises in the floor from where he decided to make breadcrumbs. I've discovered new gadgets bought to replace perfectly good gadgets. I've even discovered a new tea pot (bought to replace a perfectly good tea pot).  And I've loaded half washed sticky implements into dishwasher.

So I'm wondering--would somebody please invent a boarding kennel for husbands when wives have to go away?

It could consist of nice little cubicles with recliner, TV and remote, computer desk, small fridge full of beer and a bed. Every day he could be let out to socialize with other husbands on benches at the back of the property where there would be a horseshoe court or bocce ball for those who felt energetic. He could even be walked to the nearest pub  and back for exercise.

He'd be served all the meals he likes that I won't cook ( shake and bake chicken,  for example). He'd be left alone to potter and do his thing and he'd be in heaven.

I'd be willing to pay anything. Someone please set one up near me soon.

1 comment:

  1. That is so funny. My husband would need to have someone to help him find things too. He's hopeless. : )