Monday, November 22, 2010

Royal Wedding, Royal Scandals

Since I'm heavily involved with royal personages in my life--albeit not living ones--I shall be following with great interest the build up to the wedding of William and Kate (or Katherine as we are now supposed to call her).
So visit this blog every Monday for latest snippets of royal gossip, royal scandals from the past and juicy details for royal watchers.

I'm starting off with a couple of really juicy details to share: the first were the comments made this weekend by the Bishop of Willesden, in North London. (blogger note--I didn't even know they had a bishop in Willesden. he must be a very minor one!) Anyway this clueless guy posted on Facebook that he thought the upcoming royal wedding was a ridiculous waste of public money and that the couple would be divorced within seven years. He went on to compare it to the lavish celebrations for Charles and Diana, whom he refered to as Big Ears and the porcelain doll, reminding people what happened to them. He could not have been more offensive and said he'll be in France on the day, celebrating with other republicans.

Note this is a Bishop of the Church of England, the head of which is...THE QUEEN. He's attacking his employer, essentially and IMHO should be out of a cushy job, standing in an employment line. That will make him rethink his views on republicanism!
Anyway, he's apologized today, or been made to apologize. How stupid not to think that the world would pick up his Facebook comments.

There have been outcries about the cost in UK, but the complainers don't stop to think that the wedding is projected to bring in 260 million in additional tourist pounds for the event. It will make a profit, however expensive it is to the tax payer, and both the queen and Charles have already said they plan to foot a good part of the bill.

So do you think it's a waste of money?

And one other juicy tidbit for today... Kate's great grandmother worked in a jam factory. I told you it would be juicy, didn't I? 


  1. All I've heard so far is positive comments. The most common is how good this is for everyone to have something to look forward to--how the country needs this kind of news, etc. I also hear all the shop-keepers and souvenir makers rubbing their hands in glee. Did you see that you can now get the commemorative engagement mug at Asda for 5 pounds? OH and let's not forget the pullout section with a huge picture of them in Sunday's paper. I asked my husband that was for--am I to hang it on my wall? (Not a chance!) Anyway, think I might just be a wee bit tired of this all come next summer! LOL Janet

  2. I had to laugh! Had no idea that Willesden had a bishop either! Sounded distinctly Pythonesque.
    The wedding, just after Easter, will bring a ton of tourist money into the country~ hurrah for that!! I had already planned to be home for Easter,and my grandson Rhys' birthday, on April 29th. So Da iawn royals! Neatly planned.

  3. Rhys - I am a true, diehard monarchist. I adore our Queen. I've got mixed feelings because - let's face it - Kate/Katherine is a "commoner" :) and therefore not "groomed" for public office. Having said all that ... how DARE Willesden insult The Firm? I will follow your weekly updates with great interest!

  4. If it brings in megatourist dollars, it's a good investment. Otherwise, I think the royal family is rolling in money, so they should pay for their own stuff.

    Can't help comparing Kate to Diana. Not in the same class at all.

  5. Rhys, I for one am looking forward to the Royal Wedding next year of course I dont live in the Uk. There have been other Royal weddings Since Diana and Charles but I didnt pay them any attention, I did watch Sophies and Edwards Wedding. I didnt dare tune in for Camilla's.
    imagine how I jumped for glee when thier first wedding date was canceled due to the Pope's death. William is his mother's son and i ahve been waiting years for his wedding So I will be up early and in front of my tv recording every juicy drop.
    I think If Catherine's family and William's family agree to chip in to cover most of the wedding then why not. BTW love this new Royal scoop feature.

  6. I am a proud American and a not-so-closet Anglophile. There, I said it! I love all things British except some of their actions in history but I'm equally embarrassed about some of ours. But to love amongst that history and architecture--even my week business trip there was a thrill.

    So for me, I am looking forward to watching the wedding. I do think William and Katherine have a much better chance than did Charles and Diana. They've known each other for eight/nine years, started as friends and are the same age. I think she will do William and the British proud.

    Keep the news coming Rhys, and I'm so sorry about your arm. Breaks HURT!