Monday, December 20, 2010

King William?

New royal definition: abdicate-- to step down from the throne in favour of William and Catherine.

Just in time for Royal gossip Monday, a rumour has surfaced that the Queen is considering abdicating so that William will have a chance to be king before he's too old -- that if his father doesn't live to 100.  Of course many people would like Charles to step aside and let William become the next king, but I can't see that happening.  After all, the poor man has spent his whole life in waiting for a certain job, and it would be cruel to deny it to him when his mother dies or abdicates.

Personally, I'm not sure that the Queen would consider abdicating.  Duty has always been a primary motivating factor and I think she will consider it her duty to remain on the throne until her death.  But she is now approaching 90 and the poor woman does deserve some free time from a very hectic schedule.  I never appreciated how hectic their schedule was until I did my first book tour.  Events all day new city each day, it's exhausting.  I did it for two weeks but she does it every day of her life.  Anyone who doesn't think the Royals earned their money ought to try this -- always on always cheerful, always having to eat someone else's food and appear interested in the most boring things. It's not an easy life.
Oh and the other piece of news is that the Royal China has been unveiled-- you can have a teacup.  Or rather what they call a tankard for $55. But it does have cute little doves on it.

Rhys, still typing with voice recognition software and a broken wrist, and now battling a cold as well.


  1. All the best for a rapid recovery on all fronts, Rhys! Thanks for sharing this glimpse. After seeing the superb "The King's Speech" this weekend, my respect for the royals, George VI in particular, has gone up again.

  2. I'm always amazed at the power of the royal family to arouse news and gossip. Being American, I have to say that even the President of our country, in any year, doesn't enjoy as much celebrity as any of the British Royal Family. So I really enjoy these little peeps into present day England.

  3. Wishing you some holiday healing! Thank you for your Monday posts. What fun to read a bit about the royal family now and then.

  4. Green Tea and Local Honey BEFORE the onset will help reduce the severity of the cold. No help now, but in the future! Great blog and wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a speedy recovery on cold and wrist. OH...It's hard for me to feel sorry for a lady that can keep beautiful Corgis in a genuine freaking castle!!