Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Royal Snippet

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  I know I did. It's always fun when there are kids opening presents.  And since I still have the cast on my wrist I really didn't have to do too much work. I always have to make mince pies and sausage rolls the Christmas-- it is a family tradition from my grandparents and beyond, but this year it was my granddaughters who made them under my direction and made them very well.  My daughters Anne and Jane were very good in the kitchen and John has dismembered the Turkey remains and made them into a curry. 
I'm waiting impatiently for next Monday when I hope my cast can come off. It really has been very frustrating. I gave my granddaughters are real sewing machine Christmas and yesterday I gave them their first sewing lesson.  Lizzie managed to complete almost a whole dress yesterday but I couldn't help as much as I wanted to.  I couldn't thread the machine or the bobbin with one hand , or show her how to sew on the snaps.
Having promised a week please snippet of royal gossip I do have a couple:
it turned out that William and Kate met each other at the age of 11. They were prep schools nearby and his hockey team came over to play at her school. Everybody wanted to talk to the young prince and have him sit at their table for tea,so I don't suppose he particularly noticed Kate although she was a pretty little girl. 
The other piece of gossip has to do with Kate Middleton's family- we've all been told that her father has made millions from the family business but that doesn't seem to be so-since a similar company who is his biggest competitor actually only made £130,000 last year. So we suspect that the bulk of the money comes from those mysterious family trusts which enabled Kate to go to Marlborough College. At least she's used to money and won't be overawed by the good things in the Palace,but I don't suppose they have that many antiques at home.  They don't have corgis either! 
More next week.    

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