Monday, February 14, 2011

Advice for a Royal Couple on Valentine's Day

Those of you who take the Sunday newspapers in the US will have seen the feature on Prince William and Kate in which famous people were asked to give them advice for a good marriage ahead. I suppose famous people are the only ones who can give advice to a couple like Will and Kate. Because marriage in the fish bowl of fame is very different from a normal relationship. We can only imagine the added stress of having ones every move reported in the press, of seeing the cover of those rags in the supermarket proclaiming that one of them is having an affair, is gay, is battling a terminal disease.. or any of the other completely false statements they print to sell papers.

If William even smiles at another woman, there will be rumors. If Kate refuses her dessert one day, she'll be battling anorexia. It's not easy being in the public eye. So my piece of advice would be--trust each other and laugh together and you can get through anything. The dedication for my next book, Bless the Bride, that comes out on March 1st, is to my husband John. I thank him for his help in each of my books, because he is a great editor and first reader, but I thought that he needed a dedication all to himself for once. And it reads, "You are the wind beneath my wings."

So this is the additional advice to William and Kate that I would give: be the wind beneath the wings for each other. Allow them the glamor of the spotlight, the public adoration, without feeling jealous or put out. Decide that you are taking on the world as a team, not as two individuals.

What advice would you give?

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  1. Great post, Rhys, but I mainly wanted to wish you well, fast healing and best of everything. Just read about your accident--I hope you are continuing to mend quickly. Sending good thoughts your way.