Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Days and Counting

Let the countdown begin: my new Molly book, BLESS THE BRIDE, comes out in five days.
March 1, 2011.
I'll be celebrating with a launch party at Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale AZ, so anyone who is in the Phoenix area, I'd love to see you.
I've already bought the champagne, but I'm still thinking about the food.
Stores should have shamrock cookies in them ready for St Patrick's day, don't you think? And the book takes place in New York's Chinatown so I'm going on the hunt for fortune cookies. But what else?
Since the theme is brides--are there any good wedding related cookies or food you can think of?
AND an added incentive: I'll be giving away two signed copies of the new book for the best comments received on this blog during the month of March.


  1. How about Italian wedding cookies? Then all the largest immigrant populations in turn of the century New York will be represented!

  2. For those of us who plan to buy the book next week, that give away isn't much of an incentive, is it? ;)

  3. You're right, Mark. Should I change my mind and give away a Bailey's Irish Cream instead?

  4. Y'know those pastel,candy-coated almonds? I've been to several weddings in which there were little net bags of the candy-coated almonds as favors on the tables.
    Chocolate is always appropriate . . . .

  5. I'll be there to celebrate at Poisoned Pen tomorrow. I bake remarkably good glazed sugar cookies. Shall I make a couple dozen in shamrock shape?