Monday, March 28, 2011

Royal Update, danger ahead for the wedding?

One of my Molly Murphy books features the anarchist movement of the early Twentieth Century. Various leaders around the world were assassinated, including President McKinley and of course Archduke Ferdinand, which act resulted in World War I. Now it appears that anarchism is rearing its ugly head again.
A peaceful protet march by the trade unions of Britain, worried about austerity measures and the future of their unions, was infiltrated by masked and hooded anarchists who threw monotov cocktails at police, smashed windows and made the whole thing turn ugly.
Now these same anarchists have threatened to disrupt the royal wedding--but you know what? If anything can bring a dispirited and divided country together, it is a senseless act like this. Before W.W.II Britain was on its knees after the Great Depression. Communists and Fascists were battling in the streets. It was a precarious time. Then the war came and the country not only reunited against a common enemy, it became proud and determined and strong enough to beat that enemy.
We are all sick of bad news and gloom and doom. The world wants a wedding between two wholesome and forward-looking young people. Just let the anarchists try to do their worst!

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