Monday, June 13, 2011

Copy Kates--lastest royal updates

I'm back to my royal gossip Mondays, because people have been asking where they've gone.

And this is a good Monday for royal updates because it was a double whammy weekend for the royals. First the trooping of the color for the queen's official birthday. She used to look splendid riding side saddle in her colonel's uniform, but now she plays it safe and rides in an open coach (although knowing her horsewoman's skills, she could still ride bloody well if she wanted to).
Then yesterday it was the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday. Yes, ninety. Doesn't he look good for his age? The royal family attended a church service of thanksgiving at Windsor before family festivities.

And on both occasions all eyes were on the newest royal, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. (you know she's not really a princess, don't you? Just a duchess at this stage, although she's married to a prince). And she looked stunning on both occasions--elegant, understated and oh so fashionable. She either has a knack for knowing the right thing to wear or some terrific advisors. She still looks so happy and relaxed as if she was born to the role. And she is doing wonders for the British retail fashion industry. If she wears something, similar items sell out of high street shops within hours. A new phrase has sprung up in the fashion world--Copy Kates.

The other thing I like is that she quite openly recycles clothes and hats, knowing that we're in a tough economy and extravagance would be frowned upon. Frankly it doesn't matter how many times she wears something--she still looks gorgeous, and in a way it seems magical to me. When she was first photographed with Will she looked like a nice, pleasant ordinary girl. Now she comes across as a stunning beauty--of course she's had help with hair and make-up and diet along the way, but I think it's the radiance that does the trick. She's clearly happy. Isn't it terrific to have something upbeat to blog about?


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  2. Rhys. Just read your comments about newest Duchess. I think you caught her essence beautifully. Happy and radiant. Elegantly dressed and poised.It is so lovely to read your observance of this young woman. How hard it must be to be forging her way in a totally new milieu. I am saddened by some of the mean spirited comments that I have read elsewhere. Love your books! Nuala.