Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wot No Comments?

I've heard from several of you that you have tried to comment on my posts but couldn't post your comments. You wondered if comments were restricted to followers etc.

This is absolutely not true. Anyone is free to comment and I welcome anything you have to say (unless you want to tell me I'm a rotten writer, in which case the comment section is closed to you !!). I went into blog settings and double checked that I had clicked all the right buttons and there should be no problem with anyone leaving a comment.

So next tme you can't get through, please email me through my website or post your comment on my facebook page and I'll see it gets added to the blog.
I hope you have a glorious weekend. It's sunny and mild here. Perfect for the outdoor art show we're going to today.



  1. Just testing to see if it works :)

    I hit comment and nothing happened. I think I've seen this before and you need to be signed in to your Blogger or other account before it will take the comment. Do you have the comments set so that people can't post anonymously? That might be it.

  2. I just double checked and it says anyone can post, including anonymous. So it's just Blogger being temperamental. Please keep trying. I love to get comments.
    And i just tried to post this and it refered to me as anonymous, even though I was logged into Blogger. Uggh. Rhys

  3. I'm so happy with the information you gave us here, because I've been in other blogs and the comments are restricted to team members, it's perfect when the owner allow us to express our ideas.