Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a Wrap.

I have skills but gift wrapping is not one of them. That was brought home to me today when my church had its annual giving tree and everyone brought wrapped gifts. Some of them were true works of art--ribbons, bows, sprigs of holly, mini santas.  Mine--well, my had paper around it, stuck down with Scotch tape. That is the extent of my wrapping ability.

I suppose at heart I'm a practical person and it doesn't seem worth going to lots of trouble for something that will be ripped off and discarded. At least that is my excuse. Maybe I'm just not good at creating Martha Stewart worthy gifts. But I have to confess that I love to receive them. I have a friend who has a craft boutique every year and her gifts always have such interesting additions to the wrapping--beads and small toys that make the present fun.

Maybe it's because I have to do all the wrapping that I just want it done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Sixteen people all with a couple of gifts makes a lot of presents to wrap. with the smaller ones I now go for bags. They look good with no effort. But there is no bag big enough for a large kitchen appliance. Or for some toys.

One year we decided to have a green Christmas and made fabric bags to be reused every year. I still have them. The problem is that after they've wrapped something once, they need laundering and ironing before they look good enough to wrap something else.... and ironing is another of my lacking skills!

Ah well. It's the thought that counts, isn't it?


  1. If we all had the same strengths and weaknesses in this life, it would be a boring world.

    I actually like wrapping presents, but not as much as Martha Stewart. :) I've seen present trinkets to put on the wrapped present. For me, it's present and a bow. Maybe some ribbon if I feel like it. And gift bags are always a nice quick route.

  2. Hi Rhys:
    There is a commercial where someone wraps a guitar not boxed or cased.
    Great thoughts.
    Una Tiers

  3. Wrapping and ironing, two of my not-favorite things. I hate surprises myself, so I really could just have my gifts lying unopened under the tree. Why people want them wrapped is beyond me! But I stick to the tradition anyway, get myself bound up in tape and scissor cuts. I create packages that look as though my cats put them together, all toes and claws. As you say though - it's the thought that counts.

  4. That's a brilliant idea about fabric bags. I have a bunch of material I bought when I used to sew things, and I didn't know what to do with it. Some may be suitable for gift bags.
    I first heard about your books this year when 'Her Royal Spyness' came out - I loved it, so went back & read the rest of the series too. I'll look forward to reading more of Georgie's story - will she get a little more romance in the next book?

  5. No iron fabric. I can't think of anything I own that doesn't come out of the dryer wrinkle-free, as long as I take it out immediately.