Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trying to Make up my Mind

If you're feeling confused this week, it's because I've been trying out new designs for this blog. I thought the old one with the lighthouse was a little blah so I experimented. The black one was dramatic, right for a mystery writer in many ways, but the side bar was hard to read. So now I'm going with the hint of historical and mysterious and I hope ease of navigation.

Let me know what you think.


  1. This is really attractive, but it's still hard to read.

    Light type on dark backgrounds are always hard on the eyes. Those of us with astigmatism (and of a certain age) can be blinded for several minutes after looking at white text on a dark background. And small text against a texture (like your photo in the background) is also hard to read.

    Movie subtitles will often use yellow rather than white for text, because of the way it stands out from varying backgrounds. When I look at how nice your orange link text looks, I wonder if you should try a color for text, if you like this design.

  2. I like the design and - luckily - I haven't got problems with white text on dark backgrounds. But I think with the - really atmospheric - background picture, the white text, the orange links, the Google- and Blogspot-logos and the member-thumbnails the whole thing looks a little bit confusing. Perhaps you could use a black-and-white version of the background?

  3. I also like this design and have no problem reading it,but possibly the orange would work better for people with certain reading problems.