Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Sneak Peek

I haven't done much to my new book this week as I've been involved in the edits for my upcoming Molly book, The Family Way. But now they are done and ready to be shipped off and it's back to Lady Georgie and a murder that has just taken place.

Here's another snippet to whet your appetite:

This topic of conversation was broken off by the arrival of Darcy and Jack, both wearing proper dinner jackets and both looking rather handsome. Jack’s red-blond hair had been slicked into submission and he looked highly uncomfortable his current garb.
“Here they are at last,” Edwina said. “Come and meet your aunt and your great aunts, John.” It was clear that Edwina was not going to give up calling him by her son’s name.
Irene glowered. Princess Charlotte held out her hand in regal fashion but Virginia almost fell upon them. “Two divine young men,” she said. “What fun. If I’d been a few years younger I’d have given you both the key to my room and had you both at the same time.”
Edwina raised her lorgnette. “Really Virginia, you go too far,” she said.
“Edwina. You’re such a prude,” she said. “Look at this gorgeous dark haired boy. He wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay, I can tell. One can see that he’s had his share of thrilling encounters with the opposite sex.”
Darcy simply looked amused. “If I had, I wouldn’t mention them in present company,” he said.
Virginia had seized his hand in her own claw-like ones. “Isn’t he a gem?” she said. “So is this the new heir?”
“No, Virginia. He is Mr. O’Mara--the one who escorted John from Australia.” She went over to Jack who was standing as if he wished the floor would open and swallow him. “This is your great nephew John. Isn’t he like his father?”
“One can see a likeness, I suppose,” Princess Charlotte said dubiously. “We should have a séance, young man, to see whether your father wishes to contact you. Also to find out if you’re the one the spirits warned us about. And for whom there is danger.”
“You and your spirits, Charlotte. Such rubbish,” Edwina said. “You’ll have the boy thinking we’re all mad.”

More later..... Rhys


  1. I am ready for more now! lol...Love it!

  2. Looking forward to some more Darcy and Georgie. :)

  3. When is it coming out? I'm finishing Naughty in Nice tonight and need more Georgie and Darcy in my life!!!

  4. I am having Georgie and Darcy withdrawl! Please hurry with the next installment of the series!