Friday, June 22, 2012

Watch out--Fashion Police!

Did you know that there really are fashion police at Royal Ascot? Apparently outfits were becoming unseemly and now rules have been instituted and enforced. Skirts no shorter than one inch above the knee. Dresses must have one inch straps. Gentlemen must wear jackets. Ladies must wear hats and if they choose a fascinator instead it must be at least four inches across.

If you flout these rules you will not be admitted to the race course. Young ladies in demure purple outfits (and hats) are waiting at each entrance to vet the outfits. But there is no size limit on hats and no rule that bans ugliness or stupidity in outfits. And I think I saw the queen in the same pale blue she wore on the royal barge. Surely there should be a rule about wearing the same outfit twice!!

Personally I think fashion police are a great idea in today's fashionless world. I'd forbid outfits that don't go together and look as if they've been put on in the dark from the used clothing bin--leggings with skirts over them and T shirts with short jackets that don't cover them. I'd forbid very small bikinis on very large bodies. I'd forbid jeans at the opera.

How about you--what would you like the fashion police to enforce?


  1. It's nice to know there's still some place where fashion rules are enforced. I've always loved seeing the Ascot fashions, even the outrageous hats. I'd ban those layers of skimpy camisoles that are always two sizes too small so the wearers are always tugging on them.

  2. I don't much care what people wear as long as they don't show boobs or butts.

  3. I saw a very intriguing hat that was a swan. I have no idea if it was a very real stuffed swan or an incrediable piece of work. The hat really looked like a swan.
    I dislike men in pants that they wear very low so that their underwear shows. I think if a woman who is a bit pudgy that she should not wear tight pants with a small tank top on that emphases her extra pounds. At anyrate people will wear what the wish just do not go to the Ascot dressed that way.

  4. I have no problem with people wearing outlandish hats, even ugly hats, but I'm no fan of overweight women wearing tight spandex clothing that reveals every bulge. No criticism of anyone's shape or weight, just I don't want to see the evidence if one is not winning the struggle to be svelte and slim.

  5. I wonder what Georgie will wear when Darcy takes her to Ascot as promised.

  6. Harrods still does this too. I remember when we were there a couple a of years ago, and I read in the guide book that no cruddy clothes were allowed and people would not be admitted. I told our teens--who laughed at me, then wanted to see where that was written. Finally, when they saw it in print they agreed to go with jeans without rips (machine made or otherwise)and shirts that covered their backs and bellies. As we went in the door, I got grief again because they didn't see anyone monitoring the entering patrons. I gave them the "oh, it doesn't hurt you to look nice" routine, wondering why Fate was out to get me. But, lo and behold, as we left we witnessed a couple denied entrance because of the woman's shirt and the man's jeans!