Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's the marmite doing in the shower?

If you're expecting a coherent and witty blog post from me today, I'm afraid it ain't going to happen. I left home this morning on the first leg of a book tour. And if you don't think I'm stressed before I set off on tour, let me tell you that I walked into the shower carrying a jar of marmite this morning. I meant to put it away in the pantry.

I'm now in Scottsdale and guess what--it's dark and raining and looks as if there might be a thunderstorm any moment. Great. It rains in this part of the world about six times a year and yet whenever I have a book signing event it rains. I'm thinking of hiring myself out as a rain-maker.

If you do want to read a witty or funny blog by me I have been guest blogging on several sites this week. where I blogged an interview between Lady Georgie and Molly Murphy. where I blogged about fashion disasters during book tours (not prophetic, I hope)
and tomorrow on where I'm blogging about searching for the real Christmas.

And I'm posting my updates on Facebook
Maybe tomorrow I'll have a few moments to post something coherent here. And no more jars of Marmite in the shower.

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  1. Hi, Rhys! Good luck on your tour! I can't believe the weather you are encountering in Scottsdale. I am in the State of Washington and, while cold, the sun is out and everything is bright and beautiful! I have been trying to comment on so many of your wonderful blog entries. Let's see if I can get this to go through. You'd think I could manage that. Oh boy, this time it might work! If so, you'll be hearing more from me. Again, godspeed, my talented friend.