Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's a Small World

I've just been checking my blog stats and among other things it shows where my blog visitors come from. I was surprised to see that I have visitors from both Russia and Egypt. Either this is wonderful and it means my readership is spreading throughout the world, OR it means someone in Russia is looking for a way to hack/spam/take over my blog and someone in Egypt is similarly looking for a way to infiltrate my blog with terror messages.

Let's hope the former! I'm amazed at how small the world has become. When I ran a contest on a website last year the prize for the entries that had traveled the most miles went to South Africa, followed by Finland. I certainly have friends from all over the world on Facebook. Every now and then I'm reading through Facebook news and a chat button will click on and I find myself chatting with someone from Africa or Australia. How cool is this? Perhaps Facebook will actually achieve what everyone else has tried to do--bring about world peace and understanding!

Today I go literary... I'm reading at Litquake, which is a week long festival of the written word in San Francisco. I'm reading at a theater with fellow crime writers Barry Eisler, Sophie Littlefield and one more, but we follow a group of poets and after us a group of memoirs. I'm going first, thanks to beginning with B,so I'm just hoping that the poet before me hasn't written a long poem about the death of a butterfly or the end of the world, because I intend to make people laugh with an excerpt from Royal Blood.


  1. Rhys, I have the same concerns when I see the countries of visitors to my blog and know that person has never left a comment. I tend to change my password a lot, just in case.

  2. I'm really quite excited to have a chance to meet you. I've only just come across your 'Royal Spyness' books and after finishing the most recent, decided to look you up on the internet. As I live in the Bay Area, I'm hoping to make it to one of your appearances.

    Thanks for a lovely time with Royal Spyness. I look forward to more!

  3. I look forward to meeting you--I still have a few apperaances planned for this book, and I'm often at libraries etc around the Bay.

  4. Poets seem to need rules so things don't get out of order or too boring. I belong to 2 poetry workshops and one has the rule of nature having to be somewhere in the poem, it meets tonight and I have a rough draft so far. Hearing poetry read by the author or someone who cares gives a new layer to the power of poetry to reach across barriers and form new alliances by the senses and whistfulness for the past. I know you had a good time.