Monday, October 11, 2010

Not enough hours..

Happy Columbus day everybody. If it's a holiday for you, enjoy. The weather here is fabulous but I don't think I'll be outside much because I have what might be called a busy week ahead:
My primary task is to finish the final polish on my new book which is due at the publisher's NOW. But my ability to focus on this task may be impeded by the following events...
At noon today my daughter and her children are arriving from Phoenix, on their way to visit my other daughter. It will be brief but chaotic with every toy in the house taken out, I fear.
Tomorrow I speak at yet another library
Wednesday we go to pick up the famous 2000 year old librarian Doris Ann Norris, who will be staying with us for the duration of Bouchercon, the world mystery convention which is in San Franicsco this year.
Thursday the convention begins (for me with an invitation to stop by and be welcoming at a new authors breakfast at 8 a.m.)  For once I'm not staying at the convention hotel, but taking the ferry in to the city as the hotel is at the bottom of Market Street where the ferry docks, so this is a lovley way to start the day.
The day ends with a publisher's reception.
Friday into the city again and again a breakfast meeting (why do people always want to meet me at breakfast--don't they know it's not my finest hour?)
Friday evening I have a car provided by my publisher to whisk me across the Bay to the Northern California booksellers convention in Oakland where I'm part of the big author's reception.
Saturday--my panel at the convention is, guess what, at 8:30 a.m. I have to be bright and witty with Louise Penny and Deborah Crombie at that hour.
Saturday night is a disco ball. Not sure about that one. Not too many mystery fans and writers are built for disco dancing.
And Sunday the convention ends with a brunch, then John and I are giving an author friend our famous tour of San Francisco.
And on the seventh day Rhys rested--I hope!
The convention endswi


  1. Rhys - I am so looking forward to catching up at Bouchercon ... it sounds like I may have to kidnap you for a quick fifteen minute cuppa.

  2. Ms. Bowen,
    I have just been racing through your Molly Murphy series and really enjoying it. I just came to In a Gilded Cage and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the back cover says that it is set in 1918. Is this a mistake or does Molly age 15 years overnight without actually aging in the story? I can't seem to get over this and just read the story. If you could clarify this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Katy

  3. Dear Katy: The designer of the back cover made the mistake. I didn't see the cover until the paperback came out, or I would have stopped it.
    I've had so many emails complaining about it, but it's too late to fix for now. Sorry. It's really still 1903 !

  4. Ms. Bowen,

    Thanks for the quic response. Now, I can enjoy the book. ;)