Monday, January 10, 2011

Wither Molly?

Still typing slowly as left wrist doesn't want to turn to face keyboard yet. I'm trying to tell it who is boss, but it's not listening.
This is annoying as I'm ready to start the next Molly book. I'm planning to send Molly (and Daniel) to the cottages at Newport, RI. I'm sure most of you know that those cottages were really extravagent mansions of the very wealthy where they went to spend their summers. It's now fall and the place is deserted--or is it?

As I look back over the Molly series I can see that some books were smaller in scope, involving the story of a family, or a particular group of people, others were broader. Some were more thrilleresque and others were more cozy. So I'd love to know from my readers which ones you liked best, and why. Do you like Molly in a more intimate setting, as in In Like Flynn or In a Gilded Cage, or involved in a broader story of her time like In Dublin's Fair City? I'm plotting out future ideas....

I'm also gearing up for the release of Bless the Bride on March 1. This story takes Molly into New York's Chinatown and I've learned some fascinating things during my research. Can't wait to share them with you.


  1. I've really like them all. I'm not sure that I have any favorites. I recommend to reading friends to start with the first one and work on through. Now that I think of it, maybe what makes them so interesting is the fact that they aren't all alike; you never know what you are going to find out about Molly next or what kind of scrape she'll get into. You've made her interesting, and her life unpredictable. I'll be watching for Bless the Bride!

  2. I'm happy to see things go where they will, Rhys. I have enjoyed each of the Molly tales, not least because they give me a glimpse of an era and of issues of that era that otherwise I would not have gotten to see. I like that Molly has a love interest, and that it's not always just easy/peasy for them, but, I don't read exclusively for that aspect of Molly's life.

  3. I agree with the other two posts. I love following Molly's footsteps, wherever they lead. I like her involvement with history--Irish American immigrants, suffragettes, 1900's New York--which add so much flavor to Molly's personal journey and the actual mystery story. Thanks for all three of your series.

  4. Flynn and Guilded Cage are two of my favorite Molly books, so I suppose I would have to say that I enjoy her on a smaller scale, as far as the environment of the story goes.

    Thank you for writing these book series - they are wonderful!