Monday, November 21, 2011

Small Blessings

Since it's Thanksgiving week and nobody will have much time to think about anything except turkey and pumpkin pies, I thought I'd concentrate on the small things that make life worth living. Obviously I'm thankful for health and family but this is a good time to reflect on what really makes me happy.

Here are some of the things I've come up with:
A roaring fire on a cold winter night, and a hot chocolate and a cat on my lap... and a good book.
A long hot bath with a citrus scented scrub.
The sound of splashing water on a summer's day.
The sound of children playing in water on a summer's day.
Time to watch the clouds floating by or a good sunset.
An evening walk with time to talk.
Hiking with my friends.
Laughter around the table.

And you know what? None of those things cost a penny (apart from the hot water in the bath) How strange our society has become that we equate happiness with spending (buy Mom a Lexus for Christmas) .
My sisters at Jungle Red Writers are going to be talking about gratitude later this week and suggested starting a gratitude journal. I think that's a fine idea. So I'll start right now. I'm grateful that I'm sitting with my patio door open and warm sun streaming in and that my fingers all work properly to type, and that I have so many online friends who communicate with me and enjoy my posts.
Life is good, friends. Make the most of it. Make every moment special. We are the only species on earth who doesn't live in the moment, but worries about the future and broods over the past.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, won't you, and if you have time, then share your list of small blessings.


  1. I'm absolutely with you! And what a nice idea, a gratitude journal. Well, here I go:
    I'm grateful that several cases of disease in the family turned out much less serious than feared. I'm grateful for a year which brought me some wonderful new friends and brought back some long lost ones. And - in times when the average marriage seems to last only month instead of years - I'm grateful for a husband who's with me since our schooldays and still gives me the feeling of being the only woman in the world. (Poooh, getting ever so sentimental near christmas *ggg*).

  2. I'm grateful for that feeling of satisfaction when my husband & I work together on a project & get it done.
    I'm grateful for the smiles I get from strangers.
    I'm grateful for time alone when I want to be & time with friends when I want company.
    These are just a few of those unpaid moments for which I'm thankful.

  3. It is interesting that we do equate happiness with money. We believe the ads on tv :) I am grateful for being a stay at home mum and being able to be with my children when they need it.