Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's a Miracle!

Yesterday on Jungle Red Writers my blog sister Rosemary Harris shared her experience visiting the real Downton Abbey in England. This was an interesting coincidence as I was thinking about Downton Abbey as I tried to get up from an arm chair.

We discussed Downton Abbey a lot earlier this year and I now have to report that they got one thing wrong. Very, very wrong. When Matthew gets back the use of his legs, stands up  to rescue Lavinia and learns to walk again. Sorry, but impossible the way he did it. As one who cannot use her left leg at the moment, I can tell you that there is no way he could have risen from a wheelchair, after not having used those legs for months and stood alone, and certainly not leaped across the room to hold his lady love. He would have needed lots of therapy, lots of exercises before those legs would have borne his weight.

I can only get up if I take my weight on both arms, then steady myself and take a deep breath, holding myself up on my walker. I'm trying to get around as much as possible so that my muscles don't become weak (like Matthew's would have been). So now I see any movie in which a character suddenly walks again and everyone sighs "It's a miracle" I'm going to shout out "Wrong! Rubbish!"


  1. Sure makes you wish the writers of some of these episodes would get a dose of reality, doesn't it?

  2. Most medical miracles seen on TV dramas are entirely fictional and just plain stupid. Keep up with your therapy and you'll be great!

  3. You're doing the right thing, Rhys, in that deliberate, careful rising. If Matthew had tried to jump up that way, he probably would have reinjured himself seriously, as well as landed flat on the floor.

    You're also doing the right thing, trying to get around as much as possible. That will keep your muscles working well for when you can put your weight on that left leg.

    Hope all goes well and you're back on your feet in record time!

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Linda. I so wanted to meet you at Malice.
      Will you be at Bouchercon?

  4. It's too bad that some people take everything they see on TV as a literal fact. As far as recovering after being immobile for a lenghth of time, I know exactly what you are talking about from first-hand experience. Over 60 years ago, when I was 5 years old, I had a mild case of polio and was unable to walk for several weeks. Thankfully, I eventually learned to walk again. But I vividly remember that first time of standing. I couldn't put my heels on the floor (muscles had tightened or shortened) and it was a slow process to learn to walk again.
    Keep up the positive thoughts...they are the BEST medicine and/or therapy you can have!