Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update from the Invalid

It's been a week since I took my "tumble" as my husband called it. I called it a full out plunge and splat. Today I have to go for my first physical therapy session. Not looking forward to that as it still hurts to move. But I've been receiving a constant stream of deliveries of the most amazing flowers--from my publishers, my jungle red blogmates, friends and family. Also sweet little gifts have been arriving, like a necklace made from my book cover by fellow writer Penny 'Warner. I am so touched with all this outpouring of love.  This picture was taken before the afternoon deliveries!

As I lie here and recover I'm finding constant cases of adding insult to injury. On Facebook I'm getting ads for hip replacement (Painless and quick.) Have you noticed how Facebook monitors what you post about and tailors ads to you. Scary. But I also subscribe to social sites like Groupon etc and why is it that my deals are suddenly for climbing trips, canoe trips and other outdoor adventures. Even the instructions with my painkiller said "do not attempt to ride a bike." As if.

John is taking care of me the way husbands do. He sat down with me yesterday and wanted to plan menues for the next two weeks. What do you want for lunch on the 15th? he asked. As if i ever know what I want for lunch before I open the refrigerator. So flippantly I said "Smoked salmon and caviar."
Okay, he said, not batting an eyelid and wrote it down. So now I'm going to lie here, thinking of more and more exotic things "I'd like ox cheeks and Chinese cabbage, please." and wait to see when he cracks!  I need something to make me chuckle.


  1. A really good taco truck should be able to provide very tasty grilled cheek-meat tacos.

    Good luck on your therapy! (Might want to save the fancy treats for those days.)

  2. I hope that the physical therapy went well - and that you continue to mend - with or without the ox-cheeks!

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