Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Week for Rhys

Tomorrow marks the publication of THE FAMILY WAY--my 15th Molly book.
And all this week I'm hosting Jungle Red so please come on over and join in the discussion.

I'm particularly pleased with the title THE FAMILY WAY as it resonates on so many levels. What is family? What happens when the family structure is not there? As well as focusing on pregnancy and birth. The plot deals with kidnapped babies, a missing girl, a very creepy's one of the more suspenseful Molly books.

And on Jungle Reds we're discussing the importance of titles, title mistakes and a fun look at title suggestions for my next Molly book that takes place in Paris.

Tuesday we'll be celebrating my pub date with some of the things I can't put in my books.

Wednesday I'll be having a fun interview with Cara Black

Thursday Mary Jane Maffini does a guest post on writing a book with her daughter.

Friday Brad Parks does a naughty post on sex in mysteries

Saturday we're talking about colors

and Sunday I'm sharing my favorite new knitting pattern.

So a busy week. Spread the word about the new Molly book and drink a glass of virtual champagne with me.


  1. You made a typo in the URL, I had to type in the address to access the blog.

  2. There is also a link to Jungle Red Writers in Ms. Bowen's blog list if anyone else has troubles.