Monday, March 25, 2013

The Author Who Came in From the Cold

Sorry that I haven't been blogging here as much as I used to. Frankly my Facebook page has taken over my day to day musings. Do come on over to Facebook and LIKE RhysBowenAuthor if you want to stay current.

I spent most of last week in Colorado where I realize why I live in California and Arizona. It snowed. And it snowed. And it was 24 degrees with a wind chill making it 6! Thank heavens I took my fake fur coat (that everyone thinks is real).

First I attended Twist Phelan's wedding to the adorable Jack Chapple. What a fun wedding with the holy book being The Velveteen Rabbit and Twists vows written in Doctor Seuss. Then on to Left Coast Crime convention in Colorado Springs. Fabulous mountain resort and I looked forward to some hikes... until it started to snow. And snow. And we heard about the interstates around us being closed.

So I worried a little about getting home but luckily the sun shone on Sunday morning and we made a dash for it between storms and managed to get on an earlier flight. Pfew. But the convention was great fun. I was part of a concealed weapons fashion show (wearing genuine 1930s outfit) and I moderated the celebrity Truth or Dare panel which everyone loved. My panelists were such good sports. I had them do things like be blindfolded and then identify a famous mystery author entirely by feel!

We had a terrific banquet with actor Lou Diamond Phillips who stars in Craig Johnson's Longmire series. Lou was so funny, so over-the-top energetic that everyone loved him.
And then we had the scary drive back to Denver, noticing the accidents along the way and praying we'd get out before it snowed again.

We did AND I got home to find that my Amazon Rank was #27. Not #27 in mystery but overall. Up there with James Patterson and Stephanie Meyer etc. All because of wonderful Audible! They have put my Royal Spyness series on sale until tonight and thus bumped me to the top of the tree. Jump in and get them while they are hot!

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  1. Please make the Royal Spyness series available worldwide on Audible! It's US only I believe