Friday, March 15, 2013

Catching up, Vintage clothing and more

I realize I've been silent on Rhys's Pieces, but my time has been fully occupied with hosting Jungle Red Writers last week, doing all the promo for the new Molly book, THE FAMILY WAY, and with trying to finish the first draft of the next Molly book before we close up the condo and leave Arizona for California on Monday morning.

I've also had some fun excursions this week: I went to visit a friend who collects vintage clothing. I'm going to be in a fashion show, dressed as my character Lady Georgie, so my friend Dinah let me try on wonderful real 1930s dresses. I turned down the really dainty and fragile ones, scared of what might happen if I sat down wrongly. But I did accept a fabulous apricot color evening cape in soft velvet, and a pair of real 1930s shoes. I'll wear these with navy silk palazzo pants and my blond flapper wig. (I'll post pix after the show.)

But here are some pictures I took at Dinah's house.

I also took my grandkids to a ghost town, did a tour of an old mine and let them pan for gold. What a fun day.

So now it's packing up and making sure the fridge is clean and empty and everything I need for six months is taken with me. And all I really want to do is finish the darned book.
Then off to Colorado on Wednesday for Left Coast Crime in Colorado Springs, then home to the Bay Area for several book signings with Cara Black.
Orinda Books March 28
Books Inc Laurel Village, April 17
Bay Books, April 22

Hope to see you at one of them.
AND this weekend, St Patricks Day, March 17, I'll be signing at The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale AZ at 2 p.m. Fun St Paddy's day party.


  1. These hats would surely be great additions for those who love to mix and match various pieces of vintage clothing!

  2. I'll wear these with navy silk palazzo pants Joules and my blond flapper wig. (I'll post pix after the show.)