Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Today was to be my first day in three weeks with nothing on the calendar. I planned to write, catch up with business stuff and then take a book to the pool. Instead I awoke with swollen glands and a headache. A trip to the doctor and I find out that I have either an infected salivary gland or infected sinus or both. So I'm home on antibiotics and feeling annoyed.

I suppose with all those flights and strange hotels and bookstores I was asking for something--actually it was mega-sales, not an infection. I may look like a hamster for my bookstore event tomorrow. And you can tell how bad I was feeling--I walked past Sephora and Ann Taylor Loft WITHOUT GOING IN.

So I think an afternoon of book therapy is needed. I may just re-read one of the Harry Potters. They have become my escape literature of choice. OR I may re-watch Mama Mia, although I get depressed when Colin Firth turns out to be gay. Do you have a comfort/escape entertainment of choice?


  1. My comfort/escape entertainment of choice? Why, your books are my latest one, of course! ;)I had a small relapse with my back issue, so reading has been my vice of choice these days.

    BTW, I am really loving the Nook! I have been able to convert some of my old eBooks that I got from other vendors to ePub format for the Nook, and add them to the device... can't do that with a Kindle, unfortunately. I also added a MicroSD card to it, for extra strorage... can't do that with the Kindle either. I think I made a good choice. Good luck with your decision!

    Here's hoping that you get better fast, and stay well!

  2. My escape of choice? Your books - specifically the Evan Evans ones. I enjoy everything you've put out, but I really love those ones the most. Something about the descriptions of the landscape allow me to really mentally get away. It's quite perfect.

    Feel better soon!

  3. When I need to stop and unwind. I put my feet up, my knitting down, close my eyes and contemplate what on earth Jane Eyre would have had to pack in that huge bag when she left Low Wood School. The dramatizations all have her lugging a huge bag or trunk.