Monday, September 6, 2010

Royal Blood about to be Spilled!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 7th Sept, is launch day for my new Lady Georgiana book ROYAL BLOOD.
I'm kicking off with a bloody good launch party at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.
Anyone within reach, please come and join in the festivities.
And if you're not in the area, please check out my schedule online and see when I'm coming to your town.

I had a fabulous weekend at the Festival of Wales, a great appetizer to the main course of my book tour, as it were. And now I'm trying to pack so that I have clothes for Scottsdale (hot), Houston (humid) and Seattle (maybe bloody freezing) I know I'll be inside most of the time but I do have to go between the car and bookstores many, many times.

When I find the time and energy I'm going to blog on previous book tour clothing disasters.


  1. Wishing you the best of luck at your launch party and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine. I ordered the hard copy rather than downloading on the Kindle. Go Georgie!

  2. Thank you, Colleen!
    I'm excited, but nervous--putting my newest baby out in the world

  3. Just finished reading Royal Blood (couldn't put it down)... can't wait for the next book

  4. Am looking forward to the blogging about clothing Any wardrobe malfunctions ala Janet Jackson?? lol

  5. I'm sure you'll look great whatever you wear - people want to see YOU not your clothes. And on that subject, when are you (and Georgiana) coming to the NorthEast???

  6. Any idea when the latest book will be available as an audiobook? I'm addicted to Katherine Kellgren!
    Love your books!!!