Thursday, September 2, 2010

Into the Wide Blue Yonder

Tomorrow my crazy September really gets going.
I fly to Portland, OR, for two days at the Festival of Wales. (No, it's not, as one old man thought, about the ocean creatures, but the country, stuck to one side of England, where my mother's family came from) It is the North American celebration of all things Welsh. There will be fabulous male voice choirs and Welsh foods and stories about Welsh pioneers in America--and me. They are holding a meet and greet cocktail party for me tomorrow evening and then on Saturday I have to give a speech, followed by a book signing.  I'm looking forward to it at lot, although I know I'll have to answer the same question about five hundred times:
when is the next Constable Evans book coming out?

The problem is that it's not. At least not in the immediate future. I made the decision not to write any more books when the publisher took most of the series out of print. That would mean that a new reader would not be able to go back and read the rest of the series in order, and we all know how important that is. So no more Evan for now, although I am toying with a short story or two, just to see how Evan and Bronwen are doing. And if that TV series ever gets off the ground, then I'll write some more.

In the meantime my hands are full enough with Molly and Lady Georgie, and I'll be kicking off Royal Blood with a launch party next Tuesday, followed by a tour all over the place.
Wish me luck. And stop by to say hello if I come to your town.


  1. Pob Lwc, Rhys! I know you'll have a delightful time. Enjoy the Welshcakes and hopefully a sip of Penderyn or Brains. Wish I could have gone but all my expendable funds were sent to my son's university... sigh. Maybe next year.
    Would LOVE to see Evan on the telly, siwr iawn, so will keep the fingers crossed.

  2. Sorry for the comment on this older blog post, but I too would love to see the return of the excellent Evan Evans series. Would it help for your readers and fans to write directly to the publisher on this issue?


    Randall from Illinois

  3. We want more Evan Evans and we want him now!!

  4. Despite my numerous moves, I am so glad I kept the Constable Evans mystery series. Love the characters and the stories!