Saturday, April 16, 2011

Born Too Late

I was looking through a fashion magazine yesterday and it was full of advertisements for straightening your hair. This made me realize how unfair life is:

I have the world's straightest hair. All my childhood I longed for curls. in my teens I tried home perms--frizzy disasters. Now I have the money to go to a good hairdresser guess what? The styles are all straight.

This is true in other areas too. Now I can afford to go to good restaurants, I can't eat too much or food that is too rich. The all-you-can-eat buffet which seemed so wonderful when we were young and penniless now has no meaning. I'm actually just paying for a salad.

Now I have no responsibilities for children and pets and could stay out all night, I'm pooped by ten.

Now I can afford clothes, nobody designs clothes for anyone over the age of eighteen. Dresses are either up to my thighs or down to my ankles with no shaping. I have been looking for a good dress to wear out to dinner for ages. There are cocktail dresses and prom dresses but the smart function dress, well cut, good cloth, simply doesn't exist. Neither do the "little women" my mother used to go to who would run her up a stunning dress and charge almost nothing.

I used to envy those international jet setters who were whisked around the world in First Class ease. These days everyone has to endure the long lines at security, taking off shoes, jackets, scarves and being groped, even if they are traveling business or first. Not so much fun. And on the plane those lovely meals have been shrunk to a bag of chex mix.

Have you had similar experiences? Were you also born too late?


  1. In a way, I feel like I was born too late, too. I am getting ready to graduate from nursing school and I am looking for a dress that reflects my age (turning 30) but also that fitting my future profession (health care professional). Apparently, dress makers think that women are of a certain shape, and I am having a very hard time finding something that fits both my top half and my bottom half. And I want a dress that says professional with out saying "Look at the assets I have!" I really wish I could find something that Grace Kelly wore. Those dresses were classy and classic. But now I have to deal with shrinking skirts and plunging neck lines. I still have a month to find "the Dress". If I don't...I might cry!

  2. I long for Audrey Hepburn--those classic dresses with superb cut and style. Nothing today fits. It hangs fabulously on a teenager, but looks dowdy on someone my age, even if we don't have a stomach that bulges. And I don't think really short skirts are flattering on anyone over 20.

  3. I can definitely relate! Where are the nicely made basic pieces? Just a nicely cut, slightly shaped tee, nice jeans that are neither too skinny nor too wide... Where is comfortable yet stylish clothing for women, that fits without major interventions by a tailor? Great post Rhys!