Friday, April 8, 2011

Reporting from RT Convention

Much better news to report this morning: Royal Blood won the RT Reviewer's Choice award for best historical mystery AND I was given a pioneer award for being one of the founders of the teen romance genre back in the eighties when I wrote as Janet Quin-Harkin.

So it was a special evening, and no more runaway scooters, falling chandeliers or anything dangerous, except for one elevator that remained with its door open and a cold wind howling out of it. Since I'm at a convenion full of vampires and other kinds of undead, I went to find another elevator bank. You can't be too careful, can you?

Last night was the faery ball--a Venetian masked ball, and the costumes were spectacular. Ordinary attendees had made Venetian ball gowns and wore elaborate masks. Some were interesting fairies with wings. Sorry I didn't bring a camera to share with you. Me--I just wore a sparkly dress and a blue feather mask. Tonight is the vampire ball. I may or may not attend...


  1. Congratulations, Rhys! Glad you didn't have any more mishaps. You don't need another broken bone. The balls sound delightful.

  2. I am so elated for you Rhys! You and your books have always been winners to me. Congrats! Continue to enjoy the conference!