Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prequel takes Kindle by Storm!

More good news! The Amersham Rubies, which is a prequel story to the Molly Murphy books, is now available for pre-order on Kindle. And the best news is that it's free, free, free.

What's more, it's currently #2 on Mystery and Thrillers free on Kindle and #5 on all the free stuff on Kindle. How cool is that? And it has a gorgeous cover, doesn't it?  My publisher conceived the whole thing and did the cover
, hoping, of course to bring more readers to Molly. We'll see if that works.

I should warn you that it's just a story, not a whole book, but it gives readers a glimpse of Molly's detective powers and life in Ireland before she gets to New York. So tell your friends and reserve your copy.


  1. This is the only thing that's ever made me wish I had a kindle! lol

  2. Will there ever be a way that those of us without Kindles will get to read the story?

  3. There are other ways to view Kindle books. By PC, iphone, and others.


    About in the middle is the software downloads.

  4. Will "Amersham" ever be out in any other format?