Thursday, April 7, 2011

Non-royal blood?

Things happen to me, especially at conventions. Especially in LA. Last year I was at Left Coast Crime and the Starbucks person didn't put the lid on my coffee properly resulting in a brown tsunami over my leather jacket and white turtleneck.

Today I'm at RT convention.... in LA again. Before my morning presentation Hollywood icon Bill Link lost control of his motorized scooter. It careened at me, trapping me between him and the table. Result was a cut arm that bled over my white linen pants. We tried getting out the blood with milk, which worked quite well, but I then had a round dubious-looking stain as I stepped up to the podium in front of 250 people.

I'm beginning to think I am doomed. No wonder I identify so strongly with my character, Lady Georgie. Accidents always happen to her when she wants to make a good impression. Wait a minute--perhaps the accidents that happen to her have already happened to me

At least I have a good supply of disasters for future Georgie books.
Keep your fingers crossed for this afternoon when I get an award for best historical mystery for Royal Blood that I don't trip, fall, stab myself or spill coffee.....


  1. You poor thing! lol Sending good thoughts your way for a win with Royal Blood (you deserve it) and a disaster-free rest of the conference. :)

  2. Zowie! I hope your "inspirational" experiences improve, today. We need you healthy and in one piece. I've got my fingers crossed for you. You deserve it!

  3. I had coffee spilled on me once at what is now Biggby Coffee (formerly Beaner's and Sufficient Grounds). I stopped there before going to work and when the server pushed it across the counter it tipped over. I guess the cap wasn't on tight. The girl at the counter said she was so sorry and they offered to pay for my dry cleaning. I said it was machine washable. I was late for work because I took the bus and I had to go to the restroom and clean myself up. I was wearing a light yellow shirt, too, which really shows coffee stains. At least I had a good excuse for being late to work and not the standard "I missed the bus" excuse.

    At least the coffee didn't burn me. It wasn't like one of those incident where people sue McDonald's for hot coffee spilled on them.