Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Matter of National Security

I'm home after a hectic few days zooming around the Eastern half of the US--Ann Arbor, Bethesda, Annapolis and Pittsburgh. During that time I spoke, met fans, was taken to lovely meals, hung out with friends AND watched history take place.

I was staying at my friend Marcia Talley's house in Annapolis with other mystery writers. We were just preparing for bed after a Barnes and Noble event and a fabulous seafood dinner when a voice yelled, "Get down here. The president is going to make an announcement concerning national security."
We came down in our pjs and sat looking at each other nervously. What exactly did a matter of national security mean? We discussed what we'd do if we learned that a bomber, containing an atomic bomb, was heading to the East Coast of the US. Or chemical weapons. Or terrorists in our midst were about to do.... something nasty.

It's not until something like this happens that one realizes how vulnerable one feels. My first thought was that I was safe enough in Annapolis--well out of DC. Second thought--what if they miss? Third thought--I didn't want to be so far from home.

Then we detected the hint of a smile on Wolf Blitzer's face. It was something good.
Bin Laden, one of our group said. They've got Bin Laden.
And thus it was. And the world rejoiced and it was good.
But call me a cynic.... it's a grand symbolic gesture, but he was in poor health. Had not the leadership already passed to someone more deadly? Did they perhaps want him found and taken out? And of course the ultimate question--are they really sure it was the right man and not his double/bodyguard?
It all sounded like a well planned, well executed operation so I'm hopeful that they did the right thing. My own thoughts--I'm glad they killed him and didn't bring him anywhere for trial. And I'm glad they buried him where there can be no shrine to a martyr.
I'm about to go to Morocco. I wish they hadn't done it right now.
and an afterthought...
I wish Obama had changed his name to Smith before he ran for office. It all gets very confusing.

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  1. The checked the DNA, as you probably know by now.

    This is what "Mission Accomplished" really looks like.