Friday, May 20, 2011

Report from Madrid

This was going to be an insightful overview of the city, but alas my time so far has been spent shopping for underwear and deoderant. You see I arrived yesterday morning but my bag didn't. What's more it didn't show up on American Airlines computer.

After about eighteen hours in the same clothes I had to find some clean underwear, something to sleep in and a short sleeved T shirt as the day became warm and all I had was a turtleneck. And behind all this was the worry that the bag was indeed lost or stolen and I'd have to spend my remaining day in Madrid shopping for enough clothes to see me through a bus tour lasting 17 days.

Well allelula! About an hour ago my online update says that the bag has arrived at Madrid airport and is being delivered some time today to my hotel. Huge sigh of relief. You know I've been blogging all this week at my group blog, on stuff, clutter and hoarding. My theme has been how stuff overwhelms our lives these days. Do hop over and add your comments. Well,I've just had the experience of the thought of life without my stuff. How would I survive for almost three weeks with nothing? What was the minimum I'd need to get buy when laundry would be so hard to do? Suddenly that bag was full of things I'd really miss (especially the Hermes camel bracelet I threw in at the last minute because it seemed right for Morocco). But my Chico travel outfit, a new black and beige silk scarf, and my good German sandals. So many things would be hard to replace.

The bag isn't here yet, but I'm hopeful. NowI can look forward to the tour without having to worry about rinsing out the same underpants and socks every night. And I can go out and see some of the sights of Madrid.
More later...
So I guess that stuff does matter to me. I'm

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