Friday, May 27, 2011

Road to Morocco

Sorry I've been so silent lately. I've been touring around Southern Spain and Morocco and haven't had time to sit and blog. Today I'm at a lovely hotel in Marrakesh and have taken an afternoon off after several days of sightseeing.

Morocco is absolutely not what I expected: freedom of religion, women allowed to dress how they choose, free universities and hospitals, roads as good as Europe and beautiful modern hotels. I had expected narrow lanes and donkeys, which there are in the old cities, of course, but not this modern forward thinking country. We were apprehensive about going because of the bombing, but everywhere there are posters saying "Don't touch my country"--words of warning to terrorists.

I had hoped to have pictures, but haven't had time to download any yet. Next time, I promise. Off to Casablanca tomorrow so that I can say "Here's looking at you, kid!"

1 comment:

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