Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy, Busy....

Did you ever have one of those days when you have so much to do that you don't know where to start?
I have one today, and instead of doing any of those pressing things, I'm writing my blog.

Later today I have friends arriving from England. That means making their bed, cleaning their room and making it look welcoming. Also cleaning my kitchen, making sure my husband hasn't left his papers all over the rest of the house, buying enough food and cooking a meal that can be served cold if their flight gets in late.

At the same time I need to prepare for my book tour which starts on Saturday (if you'd like to attend one of my signings please check my website,, and if you'd like a signed book, but can't make it to one of the signings, you can call one of those stores in advance and I'll be happy to personalize a book for you.  Everywhere I'm going will be HOT so how does one look cool, calm and collected when the temperature in all the places will be over 100? Not easy. And I'm supposed to post about the upcoming tour on all the right sites.  (On a side note, those of you who followed last year's tour will be intersted to know that I've been put in the same hotel in Houston that had the portrait of an Afghan tribesman in my shower, making me feel I should shower in a burka. I wonder if I'll get the same room... or rather The Splendida Suite as it was called? Stay tuned)

And it's my week to be host at so I've had to make sure my posts will be up and running for the days when I'll be on the road.

And the day I return I'm hosting a launch party at Book Passage in Corte Madera, my local store. Which means planning French food and champagne to be ready. Help. Going a little bit crazy.
Now I know those of you who are working mothers will be sniffing at this and saying, "That's nothing. Stop whining." and you're right. When I had four kids who had to get to morning swim practice by siz a.m. I had four lunches to make at five a.m. Then a day of writing and then in the car from three to six as they did swimming, gymnastics, plays, dance, soccer... you name it. In those days I really was running from dawn to dusk. But I'm out of the habit so this feels like a lot to me.

Those of you who have bought and read Naughty in Nice--thank you. Please make sure you enter my contest...details on the previous post and on my website. And if you liked the book I'd really appreciate your posting a review on There is one truly terrible review up at the moment and it shows up first!

Okay, back to work.


  1. You're right about Houston. After a few days of cooler temps, we're back up to the high 90s. Still, I hope you have a good tour and I look forward to seeing you at Murder by the Book!

  2. All I can add Rhys is that back when my life was running around and my son was little I said, in a moment of unusual clarity and prescience (which doesn't happen to me often!): These are the days I'll be wishing I had back when I'm in the nursing home! So keep on enjoying even the mess and the hectic lifestyle for now! Love you & love your books!

  3. Looks like your loyal fans have responded, and there are now several nice reviews on Amazon. I really enjoyed it, and I am already impatiently awaiting the next book. It's not so hot here in Michigan; swing by here next time!

  4. I found the new book in our local Barnes & Noble... Now to wait for my paycheck so I could put it to good use.
    And I found out that our libraries have already ordered it.
    Can't wait!