Thursday, September 15, 2011

Signs of Fall

Home for a breather from the heat of Texas and AZ. And I've decided I must have been a swallow in my past life. Because I was driving down the street today and I noticed that the leaves were turning yellow. And my first thought was, "It's fall. I need to get out of here."

You wouldn't have thought that someone raised in the bleak damp cold of Britain would need to live in perpetual summer, would you? But fall always stirs flashes of alarm in the depths of my pysche. I suppose it's something to do with the image of approaching old age that I equate with winter. Or maybe it's just that I hate being cold.

At my signing in Houston the other night one of the audience asked, "Do you have a thing about rain?" and she said that my characters always complain of being cold or wet or both. So I guess I must channel my own feelings into Molly and Georgie.  I grew up in a big drafty house where the wind whistled down the corridors so I do relate to Georgie and Castle Rannoch. And I love sunshine and warmth. Perhaps there was a tad too much of both for the past few days, but I'd rather be hot than cold.

The audience suggested that someone would be doing their PhD thesis some day on the leitmotif of rain in Rhys Bowen's novels. So I wondered how you felt about weather. Does it affect you much? Do you love seasons? Do you even like rain? And what about weather in books? Is it important to you?

I'm off to get ready for my big launch party at Book Passage tonight. I'm bringing French goodies (not naughty ones but different cheeses and a truffle pate as well as madeleines and meringes and of course lots of champagne) I'll get John to take pictures.


  1. I love fall! It's my favorite season. I just love the colors, hot apple cider, halloween, football games, the crisp air, etc. Of course, I hate being I'd rather have it be 30F than 90F anyday.

  2. Coming home from an autumn thunderstorm...Wonderful! Even getting soaked during a walk through the wood with all the trees being yellow and red and brown. I love this! And I, too, hate being hot. Nothing to say against a nice warm und sunny summer day. But where I live (North-west of Germany) it usually gets just hot and muggy with thunderstorm rolling in in the evening...
    I'm really looking forward to October, and Halloween, and reading on the sofa with a hot cup of tea.