Monday, September 26, 2011

A Perfect Weekend.

I know I've been rather silent this last week. I've a good excuse, or rather good excuses. I had book signings and a live Facebook chat, but also one of my oldest and best friends arrived with her husband to stay with us from England. Penny and I met on almost the first day of college and have stayed close friends ever since. Her lovely centuries old home in Lincolnshire is always my first port of call when I arrive in England. It's everything I fantasize about when I grow nostalgic for the country of my birth--lovely gardens, old church clock chiming the hour, sitting in the sun eating home grown strawberries and cream, strolling to the village pub for a hearty meal. She even rings the bells in her church and I've been to watch (and tried it without being jerked up into the tower).
It's her first visit to California so I'm cramming as much as possible into their visit. Also Saturday was my birthday and all 4 of my children flew in to be there. We had a lovely family weekend and it made me realize what is really important to me. Not eating out at a fancy restaurant. Not expensive presents. But sitting around the table with those I love, talking and laughing and sharing. That is my top pick for happiness.

Would you like to share yours?

Oh and two bonus reasons for happiness:
I had well over 500 birthday greetings on Facebook, which I found so moving
 My new paperback of Royal Blood was seen in Costco this week. My happiness is now complete!


  1. Happy Birthday, Rhys! I didn't realize Saturday was your birthday, but I spent the evening out with good friends, enjoying a film and then rousing conversation over a meal afterwards; my whole being was refreshed by that joyous outing, and I thought, 'must do this more often', so I have at least an inkling of what you mean about sitting around that table. May this year hold a lot of that, for all good reasons!!

  2. A belated happy birthday!

    You know, I feel the same: my best memories are of times when my family sits around the table.

  3. Birthdays or other occasions, when the whole - rather large - familiy comes together. Eating and talking (often both and everyone at the same time *ggg*). Or spending an evening with friends, cooking and enyoing a delicious meal together. Those are the most fabulous days. And the most precious memories I have. Fortunately, I have most of my family and my closest friends near, and we're all very strict about keeping clear some space in our schedules for spending time together :-)))

    P.S. Belatedly: Happy Birthday!