Sunday, September 18, 2011

Come Chat with Me.

Great week of traveling, speaking signing my new book, Naughty in Nice, is now over. It was lovely meeting readers old and new in Dallas, Houston, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, San Mateo and Corte Madera. Now  I'm back home and catching my breath. And the week ahead features a unique event, one that I haven't tried before. My publisher Penguin has invited me to hold a live chat on their Facebook page, called The Crime Scene.

It's on Wednesday September 21 and it's at 3 p.m. Eastern time, which makes it noon Pacific Time, 8 p.m if you're in England. 9 in continental Europe and very early morning in Australia. I'm hoping that readers from all these places will come and join in. So if you have anything you'd like to discuss, any questions you want to put to me or suggestions for future Georgie book, Wednesday is the time.

There is nothing hard about it. Simply show up at the page and type on the wall the way you would normally.
During the hour I'm chatting I'll be giving away a fun prize or two. Maybe something naughty and French?

I look foward to meeting as many of you who can slip away from work, take a lunch break, an early coffee break or put the kids down for a nap. Get out the brie and crackers, the French wine and we'll celebrate together. Are you in?


  1. Sorry I missed this! I just finished my first book written by you..Her Royal Spyness. I loved it and bought the second one yesterday. I live in Chico, Ca and wonder if you ever come up thos way for signi gs or readings! Thanks again for a delightful reading experience! P.s. I know I shouldn't have wanted it, but I wondered how it would have been had she received the inheritance. Maybemit was best it was revealed how much her step dad loved her. Bye for now, Pam

  2. Hi Rhys, Just wanted to pop on to tell you how much I enjoyed my back-to-back reading of ROYAL BLOOD and NAUGHTY IN NICE. I certainly hope to see Georgie & Company come to life on the screen someday.

    You noted in your facebook Q & A that you are currently reading a Coco Chanel biography. As there are so many biographies on Coco out there, I wondered if you would say which one you are reading and if you would recommend it?

    And to echo the above sentiments, thank you for all of the hours of reading enjoyment you've provided. Best regards, Michele

  3. Just finish reading "Naughty In Nice" and loved it, the best of this series and can not wait for the next one. Thanks for the great stories.

  4. I slicked up Naughty in Nice this week and just can't stop thinking about it! Hence, me browsing around on the internet reading reviews and happening upon your blog. I just want to savor it for awhile! Keep these delightful books coming. And give us some more of that dashing Darcy! :)