Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catching my breath

Sorry for the silence this week. It's been a week of adjustment, packing up and driving from California to our condo in Arizona and then getting the condo up and running. And my week as host of Jungle Red Writers starts today so I had to write six blogs for that as well as my usual writing schedule (5 pages a day to complete the first draft by April).

So I've been a busy bee. And to cap this, Penguin have asked me to write an e-story to come out at Halloween to work up interest for my upcoming Christmas book, and they want it NOW. Ah, the tranquil life of a writer.

On a lighter note, I always have to smile when I write Penguin wants. I have a vision of the penguin waddling toward me going "oink". I checked into a hotel last year when I was on book tour and on the envelope was written "Room reserved for Penguin." I was intrigued.

And on a happy note: I heard this week that Naughty in Nice had been nominated for an Agatha Award. So all in all a good week. Hope you had one too.


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