Monday, February 20, 2012

Dishing on Downton, Final Week

WARNING: If you haven't seen last night's episode, do not read this.

The last episode of the season was a doozy, wasn't it? All leading up to the moment when Matthew decks the horrid Sir Richard, who stalks off saying he'll never come back, and Maggie Smith says sweetly, "Promise?"

And we've left enough cliff hangers to keep us wondering: Bates still in jail for life and no hint yet as to who the real murderer was. (I'm still thinking it was Sir Richard. If it had been O'Brien we might have seen more emotion from her in the witness box)
The despicable Thomas hiding the master's dog and being rewarded for it. He will have to get his comeuppance by the end of season 3 or I'm not renewing my support of public television!
Lady Edith making overtures to her old suitor and being rejected.

So what do you think will happen next season? Obviously Bates freed at the last moment (which was something I predicted before he was arrested). Thomas and O'Brien getting what's coming to them. Daisy becoming the cook (or going to live at the farm with her father-in-law. I like the way she is growing up as a character, don't you? In fact I like the staff interactions more as the series goes along.

Will Mary and Matthew finally marry?  I bet Sibyl's husband becomes a big noise in Irish politics OR is killed in one of the final struggles before independence.
Will the imposter Patrick appear again at the last moment with proof of who he is? He went away far too quickly and easily.
Will Sir Richard really publish Mary's sordid story? It will only make him look foolish, I should think, for choosing a bride who was tarnished. And when one thinks of how the men in those days behaved, leaping into bed with the housemaid. Yet Mary is punished for one foolish encounter, in which, as I remember, she resisted his advances for a long time... in fact it was a semi-rape.

An interesting fact to me is that I'm handling this very subject in the Molly Murphy book I'm currently writing: a young woman cast out by her family because of an illegitimate child and the inequality between the sexes. Young men were supposed to sow their wild oats. Young girls were ruined. We've come a long way, baby!

So your predictions for next year, please: And thank you for all your comments. I've enjoyed dishing with you.



  1. I find I will accept anything they throw at me as long as Anna and Mr. Bates have some happiness. I think either Sir Richard murdered the late Mrs. Bates, or she committed suicide and made it look like Mr. Bates murdered here, as a last act of ugliness. Thomas must go; O'Brien is showing a little bit of remorse here and there, but I still dislike her.

  2. My two cents say that Sibyl's child well be hot news in a bad way to the sisters. Sir Richard should have picked Lady Edith instead of Mary; younger, and less emotional baggage. Yet I think Sir Richard well be a thorn for Mary and Matt. I bet Mr.Bates first wife was rubbed out, by the man she was having fooling around with. I hope Thomas and O'Brien hang around, for we need bad TNT thrown in once in a while. Can't wait till the third season.

  3. I am ashamed to say that last night was my first viewing of Downton Abbey. I loved it!! What a wonderful story and such great writing for this cast of truly great actors.
    Doesn't anyone think Thomas may have killed Mrs. Bates? He wants Mr. Bates job bad enough to hide the dog.
    Sir Richard is a schmuck. Mary is well rid of him. BUT I don't think she and Matthew will marry for awhile. There is more drama to that story I am sure.
    I love it that they caught the maid with the fiance and they have a past relationship. Will there be more to this? I hope so.
    Maggie Smith is priceless and her parting line to Sir Richard was priceless. Now I can't wait until next season comes.

  4. Well, my husband bought for me last week, season 2 on DVD. I was so afraid to open my masterpiece e-mails every week in case they ruined the story line for me. So I had the chance to watch the finale (twice) last weekend, and then I stayed 'mums' on the ending so I wouldn't ruin it for anyone. So Bates and Anna, I believe will eventually be together, and will live in a house on the estate, and I can see the two of them eventually being head housekeeper and butler many years down the road. I believe Mrs. Bates was murdered by Sir Richard, because I believe Mrs. Bates went to another newspaper to spill the beans. Lady Edith will marry her previous boyfriend. Sibil's husband will unfortunately be murdered in Ireland, and she will return in an advance stage of pregnancy and live out her days at Downton as a widow with child. Mary and Mathew will eventually marry, but my husband believes that the entire story actually evolves around Mr. Bates, as he is the first main character we see on the train heading to his new employment. Maggie Smith is just fabulous, I've always loved her. I believe the casting for this story is bang on perfect. Now I have to go read my Downton Abbey book, this keeps me going until the next Lady Georgina mystery appears in print.

  5. Well, if Lady Mary and Matthew hadn't finally got together, I was going to scream. Nasty Richard - the Rupert Murdoch of his day. Next season Shirley MacLaine is joining the cast. Her AND Maggie Smith? I can't wait!!!!

  6. I watched the ending twice myself. I loved the snow scene with Matthew and Mary almost as much as the kiss while dancing. And here's hoping that Bates gets out soon! He and Anna deserve some happimess. I heard there will be two weddings in season 3. Am hoping one is Matthew and Mary's would be fun to see them have kids to interact with Anna and Bate's children. Lady Edith is getting better I almost like her now. And so hope she finds happiness. Am worried for both Sybil and her husband in Ireland. But mostly Mary and Matthew can be tested but together not apart. It was time.

  7. I just keep wondering what will happen NOW that is going to keep Matthew and Mary apart? I shudder to think. ;-)

  8. Let's hope this is the end of Matthew and Mary's problems and move on to some new storylines.

    Did anyone else think Thomas murdered Mr. Pamuk back in season one? Thomas really needs more comeuppance!

    Cathy AJ

  9. I have to admit I never thought about Sir Richard being the culprit in the death of Mrs. Bates. Hmmm, will have to give that a bit of a ponder. Although, I do like the idea, as long as he's punished for it. Also agree about Thomas--that bit with the dog was disgusting! Happy trails! bobbi c.

  10. I agree with those who think Thomas may have killed Mrs. Bates. I don't think he will stop at anything to get what he wants. I'm beginning to like O'Brien a little as she is realizing what a jerk she has been to Lady Cora. I doubt Matthew and Mary will have smooth sailing in Season 3. Something will always threaten their happiness. Can't wait to see Maggie Smith go up against Shirley McClaine!

  11. Oh wow, I'm behind on comments. LOVE the thought that Thomas could have killed Pamuk. Unfortunately, apparently he didn't. Would also love to see Sir Richard pinned for Mrs. Bates' murder, as that would mean we'd get rid of him AND Mr. Bates would be free. Cannot WAIT to see Shirley MacLaine and Maggie Smith dueling it out - I adore Maggie and that sweet "Promise?" was the highlight of this episode for me.
    My Organizational Behavior professor is going to get the shock of her life when she reads my paper this weekend and finds I've used Downton as examples on stress in the workplace!

  12. Thanks for dishing with us! I've loved reading your comments.

    I believe Mr. Mosley had a hand in Vera's death. He certainly had motive (his affection for Anna and his desire to be Lord Grantham's valet) and opportunity. I wouldn't rule out Sir Richard completely though. Love the writing on Downton Abbey and can't wait until next season!

    Team Grantham!