Saturday, May 8, 2010

Malice, part deux.

This is a picture Hank Phillippi Ryan interviewing me at Malice. We do look a little like Sonny and Cher singing I've got you, babe, don't we? The interesting thing was how much we had in common. We had similar childhoods. We had both invented movie-star personas for ourselves as teenagers. Maybe she is my long lost twin, whisked out of Britain to escape from our wicked uncle?  But then Jacqueline Winspear and I seem to have led parallel lives, so perhaps she was the younger sibling. Fascinating to think about.

Anyway, one of the things Hank asked me was whether I was superstitious. Superstitious, me? I replied with a laugh. No, I'm sensible, realistic. And it wasn't until today that I realized that I am superstitious:
I knew I wasn't going to win the Agatha award this year because of my hair.
My theory is this... if my hair is easy to manage and goes perfectly into place, then I'm not going to win an award. If it is hopeless, needs rewetting and re-drying five times and even then is a mess, then I have a good chance at winning. So it occurred to me as I did my hair and it fell nicely into style that I was doomed, award-wise.
Then, at the banquet, the doom was reinforced. My other theory is this: if I eat all of my meal and enjoy it, I am not going to win. On the other hand, if I push the food around my plate, can't swallow it and end up hiding the chicken under my brocolli then I seriously believe that I'm going to win and I'm nervous.
So yes, Hank. A teeny bit superstitious at times. Sensible and together most of the time, however.


  1. They sound like very scientifically feasible superstitions to me! I can see the direct correlation between bad hair and good awards. It's a balancing of the cosmos. Only fair... I love it!

  2. Hank Phillippi RyanMay 9, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Oh, I love that thought--although I must say, Rhys, I can't picture you being nervous.

    Oh, I wish I were your long-lost sister! That would be lovely.

    And I just burst out laughing--yes, we do look like we're singing! But the separated at birth possibility collapses if you ever hear me sing--yikes. Disaster. So you'll be the sibling carrying the tune.

    WOnderful to see you..and wonderful blog!

  3. So, let me get this straight... I have to have a bad hair day and indigestion in order to win an award. That's all it takes??

  4. Ummm, or, a bad hair day, and indigestion, and having to be gracious while receiving the award atop all that. Although, I must say, Rhys, your version makes sense to me.