Saturday, May 29, 2010

What do you want, already?

This blog is a new venture for me--solo blogging is akin to solo sailing, which I have done. I'm at the helm and every decision counts. So I want to ask you--my friends, my fans and those who just like dropping in on interesting blogs:
what do you want in a blog? What makes you keep coming back to check out one particular blog more than another?
Do you primarily want news about what's going on in my life?
Do you want funny and quirky tales to make you chuckle?
Do you want insights into writing and research?
Would you like me to share some travel tales?
Would you like a day of writing tips?
Would you like regular guests--in which case what kind of guests?
If there's anyone you'd like to see interviewed on the blog, let me know and I'll do my best. I can't guarantee the queen,the pope or Obama, but apart from those I know a lot of people.  Is it fun if I can rope in a celebrity?

Do you enjoy pictures on the blog?
Do you like a blogger to post on regular days or just when I have something special to say?

And be honest... what don't you like?
So please, please let me know. A blog takes time and I want it to be worthwile for both reader and writer.
And to those of you who are already following me--thanks a million!


  1. I find that I really like pictures -- both in my own blog and in the blogs I follow.

  2. Rhys, I'm a longtime fan of LRK's blog and of the Lipstick Chronicles ladies, and now, you. I use Google's Reader, so whenever you post something new, it is brought to my attention. So, I won't lose interest if you only post periodically. As for the rest, surprise me--I enjoy your voice, your take on things, and I pretty much could say 'yes' to many of the things you offer.
    What I don't like, is something you won't do, anyway, which is dumbing things down to the lowest denominator and making a blog all things to all people, even ones you wouldn't knowingly allow to cross your threshold. But, you won't do that, so no fears.

  3. Hi Rhys,

    I love pictures, I love informative pieces on writing and publishing and books, and I especially love a great give and take in the comments and between posts. Making my blog a mini-community is my #1 goal and I love to see other bloggers doing that well. Welcome to the 'sphere!

  4. When I read an author or book blog, I want to read about books and what other people are reading. What I don't want to read about is what people are watching on tv and worst of all, I do NOT want to read about politics. I have actually given up on some author blogs because I don't want to know what authors and readers have to say about politics. I can tune in ti talk radio or tv for that.

  5. I like all the topics you mentioned, and I find I love the "back story" to books very interesting. What made you write the book? How did you pick the topics? What are some of the snags you hit? (since I never noticed any). I enjoy your books, and I am always interested in the story behind the story.

  6. I like pictures, but I need some narrative to go with it. I follow links on other blogs to see what interests me. I often discover that a lot of other people do too. Give a bit of yourself, or your process. Offer up tidbits of your work in progress: an interesting bit of book, or a problem you've encountered. Most of all, be yourself and let that shine through.

  7. I've been asked to blog, myself, and since I'm new at this, the answers you seek are of special interest to me, as well.
    In reading your blogs, I find everything you include is interesting. Stories of your own experiences (funny and serious), writing problems and solutions, things you wonder about, when your next books will be out, etc.
    As far as your blog is concerned, I'm more interested in what you have to say than a guest blogger. For that, I can visit a blog that has several writers and includes guest bloggers.
    You are a terrific writer and I'm a big fan, so anything you share is, in my estimation, well worth listening to.

  8. I'm a huge fan of your writing, which is why I susbscribe to this blog. As others have said, I'm interested in hearing about your own experinces, tips, inspiration, etc. It would also be interesting to hear about some of your favorite authors and occasionally have them as a guest.

  9. I agree with Coco that I have no interest in guest bloggers. I go to the blog of X because I like X. It's as simple as that.

    And you can write about doing the ironing if you like, as long as it's interestingly and amusingly done. I want a good read, something to entertain, rather than 'worthy'.

    On most blogs I like those posts best where people write about themselves, rather than any specialist topic the blog may be about.

  10. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple